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Web Development Definition & Meaning

Web development is the process of building and maintaining a for the or an that is accessed through a and on a , either on on-premises or in the . This includes everything from single up to complex .

The primary methods when developing a website include and web markup. However, there are a multitude of development tasks that also go into web development, such as , configuration, content development and infrastructure.


Web developers build websites by coding using different . These languages consist of unique vocabularies, syntax and that define the visual representation and functionality of websites. Which language is used for development depends on the , or style of the website. Some of the most common coding languages include the following:

  • CSS
  • Python
  • /

All of these coding languages fall into two categories, and back-end development.

Front-end vs back-end development


Front-end, also known as , development is used to build the , design and of a website. Front-end development is used to define how a website displays videos, images, text and . It also defines front-facing interaction, such as minimizing and maximizing visual assets, highlighting text and filling out form fields. Front-end development uses the programming languages HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Back-end, or , development builds the digital and behind-the-scenes functionality of a website to ensure it runs smoothly. The back end is made up of the server the website is hosted on, an application that operates the site and a that stores the site . Developers can use a variety of programming languages for back-end development, as servers can be configured to understand virtually any language.

Developers who are capable of carrying out both font-end and back-end development tasks are called developers.

Content Management System

Websites can be built by scratch but many developers choose to use web applications to create and manage on-site content called , such as or . These systems streamline web development by providing building blocks that create the structure of a website. and allow developers to expand the functionality they can build into websites without the need to code everything out.

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